AXE Antiperspirant and Deodorant Review


AXE Antiperspirant and Deodorant

It is a natural fact that men sweat. Whether you are attending a business meeting, at the gym lifting weights or elsewhere running errands, you will sweat. Sweat is a common problem to anyone. The worst part with sweating is the bad odor that accompanies sweating. This lowers your level of self-confidence. Due to this issue, Unilever came up with axe best deodorant for men.



  1. About Axe 
  2. The Ingredients
  3. The Key Features of AXE 
  4. What Are Bloggers Saying About AXE ?
  5. What Are Amazon Reviewer writing About AXE ?
  6. How to Use The Axe ?
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AXE Antiperspirant and Deodorant for Men Stick Phoenix Review

About This Product AXE

AXE deodorants and antiperspirants give you 24-hour protection from underarm odor and wetness from sweat. The deodorants are available in a range of fragrances such as; lavender, citrus, and geranium. They stick on your body for 24 hours suppressing your body odor and sweat. AXE deodorants and antiperspirants have optimum scents giving you only the strength you need to keep you fresh throughout the day.

What Are The Ingredients Making Up AXE Products?

AXE products are made using a range of ingredients. However, the following is a list of ingredients common in all the AXE deodorants.

  1. Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly
  2. This is the active ingredient in Axe deodorant products. It is an antiperspirant and deodorant that works by closing pores to reduce sweating, absorbs moisture and also prevents bacteria from growing. It has been proven safe by FDA.

  3. PPG-14 Butyl Ether
  4. It is a petroleum product that conditions your skin and acts as a lubricant allowing you to apply the deodorant smoothly.

  5. Cyclopentasiloxane
  6. Its primary role in Axe deodorants is moisturizing and softening the skin.

  7. PEG-8 Distearate
  8. It is an emulsifying agent that helps different ingredients of the deodorants to mix.

  9. Talc
  10. It absorbs moisture and prevents the deodorant from solidifying.

  11. Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)
  12. It is a synthetic antioxidant that prevents cosmetics from becoming rancid. It also helps to reduce the natural odor of the ingredients. When ingested, BHT is carcinogenic but has no effect in deodorants since it does not get into the bloodstream. Also, the concentrations used are safe.

  13. Stearyl Alcohol
  14. This is a fatty alcohol that softens the skin by replenishing the lipids on the upper layer. It also acts as an emulsifier and a thickener thus stabilizing the mixture of all chemical ingredients.

  15. Hydrogenated castor oil
  16. It acts as a skin conditioner and emulsifier in the AXE deodorants.

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What Are The Key Features of AXE ?

The key features of AXE Antiperspirant & Deodorant are;

  • They have a long-lasting effect assuring you 24 hours of protection from bad body odor.
  • Gives you a feeling of vibrant energy and high freshness.
  • Has a blend of musky and fruity scent thus elevating your charm and sense of self-esteem.

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What Are Bloggers Saying About These Products?

  • Elizabeth Conway, 
  • the author of womenvoices blog hosts a story of a mother, (Rosa Silk) who says that his son had a severe reaction from using AXE deodorants.

    She says; my last born son, Brandon is battling a very critical condition for eight years now. The whole thing started when he was ten. He began falling sick while in school. It came out to be a life-threatening allergic reaction from the ingredients used in making Axe Body Spray. Our doctor said that he could have lost his life to these allergic conditions.

    The worst part is that by law, I was not allowed to know the chemical that caused mishaps to my son. They are only referred to as proprietary’ chemicals.

    The company should reconsider the chemical ingredients of the Axe Body Spray.

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  • Ariel Garlow,
  • currently an animal rights advocate and a blogger on quora says she prefers something with a less strong chemical smell. She writes:

    Unlike many female deodorants’ fragrances that have smells that are imitations of some flowers, cinnamon sugar or some nice mixture of ingredients, men fragrances are different; they are made of chemical scents such as that of cleaning agents or something of that sort. Axe deodorant for men is no exception. This makes me dislike the deodorant.

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What Are Amazon Reviewer writing About AXE Antiperspirant & Deodorant?

These customer reviews are from the users who have already purchased the antiperspirant from the Amazon website and used it. To distinguish customers who already have the real experience of the product in question from spammers, Amazon adds the term “Verified Purchase” for those who have purchased the product from the Amazon website. The top reviews are further classified into positive and negative reviews.

  • 1. Best Scent Ever

    Skyfire010, a verified purchaser, says this:

    I have been a user of different colognes and sprays. I have an extensive list of scents. The strong scents out there are too expensive. The first time I came across AXE, I did not believe in it so much since it had a low price compared to the rest. When I started using this product, I loved it more since it is strong enough to keep me smelling fresh for a whole day while on the other hand, it is subtle enough not to distract the people I have around me. My girlfriend likes it too. This gives it an upper hand over the other deodorants in the market.

    2. Wasn’t expecting it to be this strong

    Dan, a verified purchaser says; I started using AXE Excite and just ordered more of it. It smells like woody coconut. I am looking to pile up more of Axe deodorants before I find the products to be out of market. My top three Axe scents are; Excite, Dark Temptation and Phoenix.

    3. Works beautifully as expected

    Bob K., a verified purchaser says; I Kilo use kilo, a great addition, and substitution for any deodorant. It has a light scent that mixes well with men’s body. It has an odor worth sticking to. I highly recommend Kilo to everyone.

  • 1. Misleading

    Tyler, a verified purchaser says; the advertised deodorant and the real thing are entirely different. The now even better version is not as good. I prefer the old Phoenix Axe that I had been using earlier.

    2. I got surprised since I like the Body spray

    Amazon Customer, a verified purchaser says; I use the Axe Dark Temptation, upon ordering, I found that it was not available, and I decided to pick the multiple sticks. Well, this was a waste of money. They do not have any scent and irritates my underarms just like the antiperspirants.

How to Use The Axe?

Only apply underarms. Do not use on broken skin.

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AXE Antiperspirant and Deodorant for 24 hour underarm odor and wetness protection.
No need to worry about body odor, AXE antiperspirant and deodorant for men has the strength you need to stay dry with the best smelling scents. we recomend him


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