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About This Product CRYSTAL BODY

Sweating is natural to men. After indulging in any physical or mental exercise such as staying all day in your office desk or going to the gym to practice some weight lifting you are likely to sweat. Sweating also coCRYSTAL BODY DEODORANT Stick for Menmes as a result of warm weather. To reduce the foul smell that comes from sweat, you need a good deodorant. Crystal deodorant for both men and women helps you to smell fresh throughout the day. Crystal Deodorant gives you 24 hours of maximum protection from bad odor from the body that result from sweat. Deodorant does not protect you from sweat since it is not an antiperspirant.

Deodorant is a stone shaped silky smooth twist-up stick that is easy to use. This natural mineral salt deodorant is perfect for men and lasts for more than one year when used as suggested on the product’s package container. For the stone, moisten the top each time before using it. This natural deodorant does not contain harmful chemicals such as aluminum zirconium, Aluminum Chlorohydrate, phthalates or parabens. The crystal deodorant is healthy, safe, hypoallergenic and totally safe. It has been tested and proven to be safe. Dermatologists have tested it to be risk-free regarding causing cancer.

It does not stain clothes and leaves no white residue behind.

What Are the Ingredients Making up Crystal Deodorant?

Being a natural deodorant, crystal deodorant for men avoids the use of synthetic ingredients applied in many synthetic deodorants and antiperspirants.

The main ingredient of crystal deodorant is potassium alum. This is a natural mineral salt that works by eliminating the odor causing bacteria present in sweat without stopping the natural respiratory process of the body as most antiperspirants do.

Since crystal deodorant is made up of colorless potassium alum, it is also colorless making it cause no stains on clothes or a colored residue on the body.

What is Crystal Deodorant Perfect For?

· Long lasting protection from bad odor

Crystal deodorant assures you of 24-hour protection from body odor from sweat.

· General skin comfort

Crystal deodorant is not an antiperspirant thus does not clog your underarm area making you feel uncomfortable as most antiperspirants do. It allows you to feel free and fresh the whole day since all the body processes such as underarm respiration continue to occur. Only that it gives microbial elements that help to prevent the sweat from producing a bad odor.

· Does not give your body a new smell

Crystal deodorant is fragrance-free; this makes it a perfect choice for people who hate strongly-smelling deodorants. Even the people who are allergic to strongly-smelling deodorants can use crystal deodorant without causing them any problem.

· It has no health issues

Crystal deodorants are considered to be entirely safe with zero hazard rating on the environmental working group’s skin deep cosmetics database.

· Easy to travel with

Crystal deodorants, especially the stick and stone are not messy at all even when you travel with them. They have no effect on the substances they get into contact with regarding chemical poisoning and smell. In fact, a customer said that she has no problem with her children playing around with this product because it cannot harm them.

What Are Bloggers Saying About This Product?

Vanessa Layton, the publisher of blog.hellocharlie says that Crystal deodorants are safe and natural.

Crystal deodorants do not contain aluminum compounds. Instead, they contain mineral salts that originate from mineral crystals. The primary compound in crystal deodorants is potassium alum. Although it sounds almost similar to the controversial aluminum present in antiperspirants, it is different.

Aluminum compounds present in synthetic deodorants and antiperspirants are said to be a primary cause of breast cancer. This is because the body absorbs aluminum. Research has it that the human body absorbs about 0.12% of the aluminum present in a deodorant thus putting your body at risk.

Crystal deodorants may also not be safe enough since they contain traces of aluminum compounds in potassium alum.

If you want to keep off from aluminum products, some people opt to use natural tea-tree based deodorants.

You should also consider changing the deodorant you use after every six months since the bacteria becomes resistant to the deodorant.

Organic Beauty Blogger, the publisher of  says;

I can’t imagine my life without a deodorant especially with such hot weather. Many deodorants and antiperspirants have been going through a series of discussions about the harm they cause on the human body. However, says that there is little scientific evidence linking use of antiperspirants with breast cancer. The fact that our bodies must respire even when the underarm pores are clogged increases the possibility of these claims being true.

I like the PitROK Crystal Deodorant and Crystal Deodorant Wipes due to their cute packages. Their fragrances are also well formulated for women. It also does not use dangerous compounds such as aluminum compounds, phthalates, and parabens. This makes crystal deodorants 100% cruelty-free.

Although they are not 100% natural, their chemical composition is safer than that of synthetic deodorants and antiperspirants.

what youtube vloggers are saying about Crystal Deodorant?

What Are Amazon Reviewers Writing About Crystal Deodorants?

In an attempt to distinguish spammers from actual buyers to give potential shoppers the real experience, Amazon attaches the term verified purchase under the name of the reviewers who review the product after purchase.

Common Positive Comments

1. Fantastic Product!

John Muir, a verified purchaser, says: as a step towards generally healthier and chemical-free personal care products that cause no reaction to the skin and the rashes that were developing in my armpits, I bought the crystal body deodorant stick for men to replace the deodorant I used previously. This was after extensive research where I found crystal deodorants to be the safest. This product has many advantages such as; working extremely well; it is cheap, durable and healthy.

2. It works. You only need to do it right.

Hen, a verified purchaser, says: you only need to follow the following steps to have it 100% efficient;

Clean your armpits before applying.

Dry your underarms if they are still moist.

Apply the right amount.

Run warm water on the rock to melt it for easy application.

3. Perfect for sensitive skin

M. Johnson, a verified purchaser says; I started using this product after getting frequent rashes from the regular commercial deodorants I was using. After a couple of days, I see it is working well. No side effects.

Common Negative reviews

1. Product Repeatedly falls out and Breaks

Mr. X, a verified purchaser says that the crystal rock keeps on falling. I tried to contact the manufacturer to use a better adhesive, but nothing has been done. It sucks.

2. Great product but with deceptive advertising

B. Steubing, a verified purchaser says; the product is great, but the advertising is wrong since it also contains aluminum. It is a healthier alternative, yes, but ruling out the presence of aluminum in potassium alum is false and deceptive.

How to use the Crystal Deodorants

Apply after a shower. Just apply on wet skin or dampen the crystal first. It is recommended for use on both armpits and feet to prevent bad odor from sweat.

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Crystal Body Deodorant Stick a wonderful product, with a good reputation,
protects all day long, non-staining and leaves no residue on your clothes. we recomend him


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