Degree Men Dry Spray Deodorant Review


Degree Men Dry Spray Deodorant


Degree is a brand name for a range of deodorants for both men and women that are marketed exclusively to Canada and the United States of America. It is an alternative brand name to the parent name whic

h is Rexona, owned by Unilever, which is sold in different countries across the globe under different brand names. It is marketed as Sure in the United Kingdom and Ireland, in Japan and Shield in South Africa. The Degree brand name can be traced back to Helene Curtis Industries which was acquired by Unilever in 1996 who then exclusively owned rights to the brand from then deodorant for men Degree Dry spray

Since then, Degree has grown in leaps and bounds to become one of the biggest and most popular deodorants in the United States of America. Specializing in developing deodorants for men and women that come in stick, spray and gel forms. The focus of this review however, is the Degree dry spray for men . We did a fact-finding mission where we’ll delved into the products core ingredients to examine them scientifically, after which we did an online search for what popular bloggers were saying about this deodorant culminating in a search of reviews of the product by Amazon’s most reliable and trusted reviewers.

Degree dry spray for men main ingredients

Degree dry spray for men being a deodorant and antiperspirant means its core functions are to prevent body odor while at the same time reducing the level of perspiration in an individual. We took an in-depth look at the degree dry spray’s active core ingredients that facilitate these functions in order to make it the popular deodorant for men it is today.

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Aluminium Chlorohydrate

This is the most important active ingredient, occupying 23.3% of the content inside the can. It serves to reduce perspiration by reacting with the electrolytes which are present on the skin surface and in so doing forming a gel plug which enters the sweat ducts on the skin surface preventing it from excreting sweat. Moreover, the Aluminium salts also have a function of their own in making this product an effective deodorant for men. They serve to react with the keratin fibrils on the skin to form a plug that performs the same function of blocking the sweat ducts which limits sweating by a very large degree inevitably reducing perspiration.


Body odor is caused by the warm and humid nature present in the armpits attracting plenty of bacteria that proceed to ferment the sweat. Reducing body odor means seeking the means to get rid of these bacteria and what better way to do so than by using Alcohol which is a core ingredient in all deodorants for men and women. What alcohol does is kill the bacteria hence reducing their number by a large margin. Using an alkaline soap when bathing creates favorable conditions for bacteria to develop. Using Degree Spray afterwards drastically reduces the chances of you experiencing body odor during the day.

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what youtube vloggers are saying about Degree Dry spray for men

As a deodorant for men, Degree faces stiff competition from many other brands worldwide. We were curious what vloggers had to say about the product. There were plenty of views drawn from lots of YouTube channels that primarily dealt with discussing the best antiperspirants and deodorants. While the viewpoints were varied, certain sentiments cut across the board. Chief among them concerns about whether or not the formula for the deodorant for men had been changed after 2015. A vast majority were of the opinion that while the new Degree spray had better, aesthetically pleasing packaging, its antiperspirant and deodorant qualities, while being still remarkably impressive, still fell slightly short when compared to what they believed to be the older version.

Negative reviews were relatively fewer. This can be attributed to the fact that Degree dry spray is harmless to the majority of people and possesses no toxic effects if used appropriately.

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what Amazon reviewers are saying about Degree Dry spray for men

The opinions of popular, trusted and relied upon Amazon reviewers, whether positive or negative, has far reaching effects on the reception a product receives once its launched into the market. While most people would assume a deodorant for men wouldn’t be affected much the reality of the situation is much different. Amazon reviewers have the clout of modern day bloggers and vloggers and the validity of the establishment they represent. The number of reviews that dealt directly with this product stood at forty nine at the time of collecting this information.

The sentiments of most reviewers gravitated heavily towards the positive with most of them hailing its effectiveness in preventing excessive perspiration and body odor. A good number of them also praised its accompanying fragrance even claiming that it could be used by both sexes despite it being made exclusively as a deodorant for men. What could be drawn from this was Degree Dry Spray’s capacity to rake in plenty of mainstream appeal in the future. The only reviews that were slightly unfavorable mostly hinged on the change in the formula they believe altered the effectiveness of the product which resonates with what the YouTube vloggers had mentioned earlier.

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how to use Degree Dry spray for men

The directions for using this deodorant are pretty simple and straightforward. They can be found at the back of the packaging and involve:

The first step which is pushing forward in order to unlock followed by the individual shaking it well before using it. After doing so the user should proceed to hold the spray six inches from the skin before applying it solely to the underarms. He/ She should however take care not to use this deodorant next to a flame or while smoking as this might result in them sustaining serious injuries. They should also avoid using it on broken skin or when a rash appears. Should these directions be followed an individual will enjoy the benefits that a good deodorant for men provides.

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whether Degree Dry spray for men works or not

Based on the many reviews we went through until this point, all the information collected thus far gives a strong message that it indeed does work when used appropriately. The views and opinions on the product were plentiful and useful in compiling this data. Degree dry spray as a deodorant for men does the job.

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Degree Dry spray is a good product,and has a very good smell remain throughout the day, but the price is somewhat expensive.


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