Gillette Clear Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant Review


Gillette Clear Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant


It is a natural fact that men sweat. Whether you are attending a business meeting, at the gym lifting weights or elsewhere running errands, you will sweat. Sweat is a common problem to anyone. The worst part with sweating is the bad odor that accompanies sweating. This lowers your level of self-confidence. Due to this common menace, Gillette has come up with a range of deodorants for men. Among them is the Gillette Clear Gel Gillette Clear Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant , deodorant for menAntiperspirant Deodorant.

About This Product

Gillette Clear Gel Antiperspirant is a deodorant for men that give you a strong odor protection leaving nothing behind. It is clear and leaves no white marks behind like other deodorants do. Gillette Clear Gel deodorant gives you 48 hours of freshness and protects you against sweat and odor. It gives you a cool wave scent lasting a whole day and dries up within a few seconds after application.

Gillette Deodorant Main Ingredients

Active ingredients: Aluminum Zirconium Octachlorohydrex Gly.

Inactive ingredients: Calcium chloride, fragrance, Alcohol Denat., propylene Glycol, water, PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone and Cyclopentasiloxane.

Key Features from Blogger’s Experience

After using Gillette Clear Gel Antiperspirant deodorant, Hook had the following to say about it:

  •  Dryness 

After using this men deodorant for quite some time, it keeps me dry under all conditions throughout the day. I don’t like antiperspirants since they take long before drying. However, this one is different since it dries fast leaving no color behind. It is comfortable to apply and keeps sweat at bay throughout the day.The Clear Gel men deodorant takes about 3-5 minutes to dry. This antiperspirant is suitable for the active people such as weightlifters too. One weightlifter who had a problem with sweat during exercise said that it helps him to stay dry under arm throughout the training experience. Although it didn’t achieve 100% dryness, it acts beyond expectations. Hook grades Gillette Clear Gel an A-on dryness. The small percentage lost from a clear A grade was due to the 3-5 minutes it takes to dry before putting his shirt on.

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  •  Scent

The scent Gillette Clear Gel has is quite strong. For a person involved in workouts such as weightlifting, the scent is quite strong. Some users say the scent is too strong for them since they like subtle smelling antiperspirants not the type that makes you smell as if you were soaked into the antiperspirant. Despite the smell being a drawback, it is also a plus. This is because it can be a huge advantage in a locker room setting. For players of games such as soccer and hockey, it can be a great solution to the stinking locker room. The strong scent is a solution to the strong smell from the soccer and hockey bags.

In terms of scent, Gillette Clear Gel gets a B since it’s too strong for some users.

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  •  Value

The price of Gillette Clear Gel antiperspirant is average. It cuts between the cheap antiperspirants and the expensive ones.

The price may be higher than that of the average antiperspirants. However, it gives you top-notch service when using it. Your hygiene should come first while shopping for an antiperspirant. This antiperspirant has it all in terms of quality and hygiene.

The only shortcoming with the Gillette Clear Gel antiperspirant is the ease of squeezing it out. This can make the gel poor out in case someone presses or steps on it while in the bag. This would result into messing up with the contents of the bag. Solid antiperspirants are better than the gel antiperspirants since they are neat since they cannot pour out.

The Gillette Clear Gel antiperspirant gets grade B in terms of value.

  • Overall

Hook gives the Gillette deodorant a B+ overall. This is because it is a good deodorant/antiperspirant only that it has a few shortcomings. Otherwise it’s a deodorant you can rely on.

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What Are Amazon Reviewers Writing About Gillette Deodorant?

These customer reviews are from the users who have already purchased the antiperspirant from the Amazon website and used it. To distinguish customers who already have the true experience of the product in question from spammers, Amazon adds the term “Verified Purchase” for those who have purchased the product from the Amazon website. The top reviews are further classified into positive and negative reviews.

Positive Reviews

1. The Best

One of the verified purchasers called Fawndelmajunc says that this is the only deodorant that does not cause him a rash under the arms. It has an excellent scent and always gets him positive comments from his friends every time he wears it.

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2. Good stuff all-round

A verified user, named Brock says that the antiperspirant has a relatively pleasant smell compared to most other deodorants known to him. It has a scent that is milder than that of its competitors in the market. He also finds it pleasant since it leaves no residue behind and also takes just a few minutes to dry after applying. All these facts make him prefer it over other deodorants available in the market.

3. Game Changer

D J Davis Smith, a verified purchaser says he had ordered this mistakenly thinking it was a solid deodorant. He got disgusted up on noticing that it was a gel up on arrival. However, he decided to give it a try. It came out to work better for him than other solid models he had used in the past. He would recommend it to every one since it has a thorough sweat protection.

Common Negative Reviews

1. Potential staining to your shirts, but otherwise it is a good product.

Wes Harris has used gel for over 6 years now. Upon using Gillette Clear Gel deodorant for men, he noticed a problem in it, if you apply too much of it, it is likely to stain your shirts as it has already done to his.

2. You might find that you don’t smell good when you sweat with this stuff on

Anna P, a verified purchaser says that this deodorant produces a horrible smell if you happen to sweat with it on.

3. Not as good as the Stick deodorants

Todd Duncombe says that he did not like it since it makes his armpits feel sticky after applying it. Instead, he prefers stick deodorants over the gel deodorants.

How to use gillette deodorant?

Apply under the arms only.

Apply only 3 clicks of this product in the armpits and rub until it becomes clear.

Do not apply on broken skin.

Safety Warning

This product is for external use only, avoid applying it on broken skin. For anyone with kidney disease, consult a doctor before using this product.

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Keep away from children’s reach.

In case swallowed, consider getting medical help from a Poison Control Center.

  • Quality
  • Great smell
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Good protection
  • Long-lasting
  • Price
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This is an amazing product for anyone who is looking for deodorant, Especially for athletes. dries quickly and doesn't transfer to clothes and has a clean unisex scent good for man or woman, it works very well as an Antiperspirant


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