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Homemade Deodorant

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The word homemade deodorant may seem weird at first. Yes, some people wonder what a homemade deodorant would look like. On the other hand, some people don’t understand how such a deodorant would work. This notion has been brought about by the belief most people have that deodorants are special products that should only be acquired from the chemist, beauty shops, and from reputable manufacturers.

Although most people prefer deodorant brands, they also have limitations. Some individuals have very delicate skin that stages allergic reactions to these deodorants. As a result, such people prefer natural deodorants. Now the problem comes in; commercially made natural deodorants are usually pathetic. They are either not effective or causes severe allergic reactions to people with highly sensitive skin. As a result, such people prefer using homemade deodorants.

What is the main advantage of Homemade Deodorants?

Commercially produced deodorants and antiperspirants contain many harmful chemical compounds that have been linked to causing various diseases. Such toxic chemicals include:

  1. Aluminum compounds

Aluminum derivatives are the key component of most commercial antiperspirants. Compounds such as Aluminum Zirconium is the key ingredients behind the functionality of antiperspirants. Upon application, the aluminum compounds enter the sweat ducts and clog them to prevent the production of sweat. This keeps you dry throughout the day. Although the idea of staying dry throughout the day may sound good, it is not recommended. Blocking the sweat ducts hinders an important body function – sweating. It is through this process that the body gets rid of harmful substances such as bacteria, excess salts, fats, and respiratory products such as urea.

Aluminum metal present in antiperspirants has been linked to causing breast cancer in women since they act as artificial estrogen upon absorption into the body and increasing the likelihood of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Parabéns

Parabens are a group of synthetic preservatives usually found in personal care products. They include; methyl, ethyl, benzyl, propyl, and butyl parabens. They disrupt the body’s hormonal balance causing congenital disabilities and organ toxicity.

  1. Triclosan

Triclosan is classified as a pesticide by the FDA; however, most deodorant manufacturers still use it in manufacturing deodorants since it kills sweat bacteria instantly thus preventing body odor. Its negative side effects on the body include skin rashes, irritation, sparking skin diseases and cancer.

  1. Propylene glycol

This is a petroleum derivative. Exposure to large quantities of propylene glycol can cause damage to organs such as the liver, heart and the central nervous system in general.

  1. Phthalates

Phthalates are also a common ingredient in deodorants. Studies have shown that exposure to phthalates leads to numerous health issues such as congenital disabilities.

The presence of these harmful ingredients in commercial deodorants and antiperspirants have resulted in the warning from the use of deodorants every day.

Risk-Free ingredients in Homemade Deodorants

The recipe for making homemade deodorants is simple and safe. Additionally, they are cheap to produce.

However, you should note that the product here is NOT an antiperspirant. Instead, it is an efficient and safe deodorant. It allows your body to move on with its biological process of respiration while combating the smell produced. This helps to avoid underarm stains on your favorite shirt.

Due to the incredible functionality of homemade deodorant, most people are likely to ask; how does deodorant work? Well, for you to understand the kind of product you’re about to shift to, it is important to understand its working mechanism. Homemade deodorant utilizes locally available natural ingredients to kill odor-causing bacteria. Once the bacteria is eliminated, your body continues with respiration without producing any offensive smell.

Making Homemade Deodorant for Sensitive Skin


You need:

  • 1/3 cup of coconut oil
  • 1/3 cup of arrowroot powder – readily available in health food stores
  • Two tablespoonful baking soda. However, if your skin is highly sensitive, you can use less than two tablespoonfuls since it causes mild itching.
  • A mixture of 10 – 15 essential oils.
  • A spoon and a small bowl for mixing your ingredients and a clean container to store your finished product.

Preparation Procedure

  1. Accurately measure proportional amounts of baking soda, coconut oil, and arrowroot powder and mix them in the small bowl. Using the spoon, stir the ingredients until you achieve a consistent mixture similar to a deodorant.
  2. To the mixture produced in 1 above, add little amount of essential oils. However, this is an optional step although it makes the produced deodorant finer and better. You can choose any essential oil, but the most popular choice is sweet orange, cinnamon, patchouli, and lavender.
  3. Keep the resultant mixture in a clean container. To apply on the underarms, just swipe your index finger gently into the mixture and rub on the armpits. Wait for some few minutes for the homemade deodorant to dry before dressing to avoid smearing your clothes with the deodorant.

NOTE: most essential oils melts upon exposure to warm weather. As a result, it is advisable to keep the deodorant in the fridge if warm. This should not get you scared if you don’t have a working fridge. Melting does not render the homemade deodorant unusable. In fact, some people prefer using it while molten due to the induced ease of application.

VIDEO: Natural Homemade Deodorant (3 ingredients!)

Does the Homemade Deodorant Work?

Although there have been complaints about the working of natural deodorants, there are no complaints about the homemade deodorant. This deodorant achieves consumer satisfaction because it uses all natural ingredients. Additionally, these ingredients have been proven to work in other home remedies. Baking soda, essential oils, and arrowroot powder are all key components of natural home remedy products since they have strong ability to kill bacteria without causing adverse side effects to the skin or the body.


Homemade Deodorants have been proven to work by killing odor causing bacteria without harming the human skin. As a result, homemade deodorants have emerged to be the best natural deodorant alternatives. They are both cost effective thus helping you save some money and health friendly thus posing no health risk to your body as commercial deodorants and antiperspirants do. If you have skin issues with your deodorant, it’s high time you try this economical and healthy alternative.

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